Tractor Care


Diesel information

All the diesel for cars and trucks meets a certain standard. Off road diesel is white diesel with a color additive, this to make a visible difference between regular diesel and off road diesel. The quality can be different than regular diesel. We advise, in particular for people that don't use the tractor much, to use regular diesel or red diesel mentioned in World Wide Fuel Charter instead of off- road diesel.

The difference in between the off road diesel and regular, that are the most important for the tractors we sell are:

  1. A bacteria colony may develop in the tank of your tractor or storage tank. Some bacteria's produce slimy substances that may cause clogged filters and fuel pumps. Other bacteria's produce an acid that causes rust, this rust can result in a bad functioning fuel injector pumps. Some bacteria species double their colony in 20 minutes in warm conditions.

  2. Diesel mentioned mentioned in World Wide Fuel Charter, has a lubricity character that meets the standard. Pump wear can be as much as 10 times higher, measured in microns, in only 250 hours.

  3. Off road diesel can foam more than the standard.

  4. Diesels mentioned in the world wide fuel charter have a cleaning character. Carbon deposit is typical problem in diesel motors. Carbon can clog injector holes or change the angle in which the diesel enters the cylinder. This can have an affect on the performance of your tractor.


  1. Check storage tanks and diesel tanks on the tractor for contamination like water and rust.

  2. Don't fill your tractor tank when your storage tank just has been filled. 

  3. Fill your tractor with diesel after you finished work, this way water vapor be pushed out the tank before it condensates in the tank.

  4. Try to buy off road diesel with certain quality. 


We advise all our customers to change oil with an oil that meets the manufacturers specification. Never buy oil that doesn't meet these specifications. Quality oil may be higher in price, but it saves your tractor in the long run. All the big oil companies have lubricants that meets these specifications. Our company sells Shell lubricants. 

For tractors with wet brakes, hydraulic clutch packs and independant hydraulic PTO's , such as Ford 4000, JD 1630, MF 285 we recommend for most tractors Shell Donax TD. We think this is the best oil that protects the tractor parts the best in the life of your tractor.

Source:   - Shell USA     - World Wide Fuel Charter